CLYYF (Christian Lutheran Younger Youth Fellowship 1st through 6th grade) – This is a group of youth who meet many times throughout the years.  During the school year they meet each Wednesday at church for Club 56.  There is also a monthly fellowship event each and every month of the year where the group can have fun and grow closer together.  We also have monthly fellowship/service groups that meet monthly called Cluster Groups.



Main Event - November 10th.  There is no cost and we will meet at Main Event at 5:45- 8:00 PM.   There will be bowling, dinner, a game of laser tag, and a fun card for the arcade.


Skate Town - December 2nd, 3-5 PM.  There is no cost and we will meet at Skate Town at 3:00 PM.


Club 56

Club 56 is a group of 5th and 6th grade student that meet each Wednesday during the school year.   From 7 to 7:30 pm the youth have a fun interactive devotion, where they learn more about God and our relationship with Him.  From 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm, the youth take part in an interactive servant project and enjoy a snack. 



The Cluster group program at Living Word is focused on fellowship and service here in the DFW area.

Younger Youth Cluster Groups.

The YYCG is formed of youth grades 2nd through 6th.  These are groups of 6-8 similar aged youth matched up with Cluster Group Mentors who are caring members of LWLC.

The YYCG will consist of monthly get-togethers where the mentors and the group members will meet for a fellowship and or a service project opportunity.  The YYCG mentors are background checked members of LWLC who will be investing their lives in your youth.  The beauty of these groups is that they work around your schedule, as there will be no fixed time when these group meet, but will vary based on the needs of the group for that month.  These groups is a way for our youth to grow together and build long-lasting relationships that they can carry with them as they enter middle school, high school and beyond.

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