Our Vision

Pray Daily
We seek to be faithful through prayer for all things, without ceasing, in order to grow in faith and understanding of God's will.

Worship Weekly 
We seek to faithfully answer God's call to worship weekly in order to receive God's Holy Word and respond to His teaching with worship that is reverent and rooted in Scripture. 

Study the Bible
We seek to be faithful in the study of God's pure, infallible, Holy Word as the sole and final authority for Christian doctrine.  The Word convicts us of our sin and reveals our salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  God speaks to us through His living Word, equipping us to bear witness to the truth. 

Witness to Others
We seek to be faithful instruments of the Holy Spirit, witnessing daily through Scripture to the good news of the gospel.  We actively proclaim Jesus Christ as the only way unto salvation so that others may come to faith according to God's will. 

Be in Relationships to Encourage Spiritual Growth
We seek to be faithful to God by fostering relationships with each other in large and small gatherings. Together we strive to love one another in action and truth, bearing each other's burdens and encouraging spiritual growth.

Be a Faithful Steward of Time, Talent, and Treasure
We seek to faithfully praise and glorify God by joyfully using the blessings of time, talent and treasure.  We rejoice with thanksgiving, confident that God will use these gifts to grow His kingdom and abundantly meet our every need.