adult education classes

led by pastor eibel



Classes Will Resume September 9, 2018

“The Lutheran Middle” - September 9-November 4

Led by Pastor Eibel

There are a number of seemingly contradictory teachings in the Bible. The class will examine the middle road that allows each teaching of Scripture to stand, thereby affirming all of God’s Word. Topics include: the Lutheran middle between doubt and presumption, security and despair, God’s providence and prayer.


“Heroes of the Faith” - November 11-December 16

Led by Pastor Malinak

When we think of heroes we generally think of fictitious characters with superhuman powers accomplishing feats too great for you and me; however, heroes are real. In this class we will look at four “ordinary” people who lived their faith in extraordinary ways making them true heroes.


“Flowers in the Desert” - January 6-February 24

Led by Pastor Eibel

Much of the prophetical landscape in the Bible is a desert climate. There are warnings, judgments, and condemnations regarding sin. But amidst such landscape there are flowers that appear. They are gospel flowers of rich beauty. This class will discover the flowers, birthing a new love for the prophets.


“Living the Life” - March 3-10

Led by Pastor Malinak

We come to church on Sundays and we read our Bible on weekdays, but how do we put it into practice? In this class we will take a biblical concept such as “peace” or “love” and work through how one can apply it to everyday life.


“Understanding Heaven and Hell” - March 17-May19

Led by Pastor Eibel

What happens when we die? If God is merciful, why is there a hell? What will heaven and hell be like? These and other questions will be explored in this biblical examination of the doctrines of heaven and hell.


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