Living Word Youth

Living Word Lutheran Church is dedicated to a strong safe vibrant youth ministry.  We believe that every child who comes through our doors is important and deserves to see the love of God from those around them.  We also believe in a strong sense of service, outreach, fellowship, and work to make these part of our programs.

The Vision for Youth ministries here at Living Word is building relationships.  We strive to build and strengthen the relationship each youth has with Jesus Christ.  We also work to build relationships between peers, because a strong community is key to protecting their faith through childhood.  Finally we work to build strong positive relationships for the youth with caring adults, so that the youth can see a mature faith modeled and lived out.


We love to have new friends at Living Word, so if you ever want to stop by or invite a friend to an event, please do so.  It makes it a better experience for all the youth when friends join us for our many activities.