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Upcoming Adult Education Classes

Genesis-Chapters 1-25

September 11-October 30

Led by Pastor Eibel

Genesis  helps us to understand from  where we have come.  We meet our past in this first book of the Bible and it enables us to understand our present and future.  Taken back to the very beginning we see the gracious hand of our eternal God.

The Tabernacle

After the fall and before the incarnation, God dwelled among His people. This class will study God’s dwelling place with the Israelites and its foreshadowing of God’s eternal dwelling with His people. November 6 – December 18.

New Beginnings

In this class, we will examine different people within scripture who experience a new beginning through the love and grace of God. January 8 – 29.


Genesis-Chapters 26-50

February 5-April 2, 2023

Led by Pastor Eibel

The story of God’s faithfulness continues.  God began His covenant line in Abraham, and His promises were fulfilled in his descendants.  The stories of old have fresh application for today.


This class will explore the often-misunderstood final book of the Bible. April 16 – May 21.

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